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Welcome to The More Store! This part of I Know There’s More will grow and change from time to time, but for now two of Barbara’s books are available, and soon CD’s of guided meditations and poetry reading as well as teachings and dialogues will also be offered.

The two books now on sale are:

Living The Gift -- A Journey Through the Human Spirit: This is a short allegory about a unicorn, and his journey to maturity of spirit and understanding. This book has found a very favorable audience base. The reader in actuality is the unicorn, and as the creature grows, the reader can also move along on her or his individual path. Price: $20

As Light Emerges: This is a collection of Barbara’s poetry, most of which is spiritual and personally encouraging in nature. Some samples of Barbara’s poetry are found in the Sacred Poetry pages of this website. Price: $20

Living Bonsai Zen Garden: Another feature offered here is your own Zen Garden, which may or may not help your meditation practice, but which is guaranteed to be beautiful and personal to you. Each potted garden is its own creation, complete with indoor bonsai tree set in a landscape which you can control. Your offering crystals, special stones, or other suggested items which might carry meaning for you will be included in the building of the garden. Barbara has several in her home, and since she is the one who makes them, you can check out some of her work when you stop in for an evening event or Sunday Session. Price: Determined by bonsai tree and garden composition

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