Its Value to You


What many today are calling Reiki is not just another healing modality. Nor is it another fad some facet of the media may single out for a feature story on a slow news day.

What is now becoming known as Reiki is in truth a tapping into the age-old wisdom and knowledge that the essential life force can be accessed and channeled to one’s self, to others, and to every part of creation. There is nothing magical or other-worldly about it. There is no conflict between Reiki and any religion or personal belief system. Reiki simply offers a more direct access to work in and be in the energy of the source of all that is. Once an individual experiences that heightened and gentle current of the life flow itself, healing may occur on many levels.

Healing — which means a return to wholeness — may occur on physical, emotional, mental or even spiritual levels. Because Reiki Energy is the energy of the very source of life, it can never cause harm. It provides relaxation, balance, and a centering of our own personal energy. Once we become more aware of its source, participating in Reiki sessions and welcoming Reiki into one’s life can become a very valuable asset in our connection to the spirit.


Mikao Usui The term Reiki has come down through the last century, attributed to a Japanese man of spirit, Mikao Usui. Usui participated in the hands-on healing techniques which have come down through the centuries, and because of his dedication to promoting inner growth and personal willingness to live a centered and balanced life, he brought about a new discipline of channeling the life energy.

After his death in 1926, some of his followers lost or strayed from some more spiritual aspects of his teaching, but the basic principle of working with one’s own life force and its basic part of creation energy still continues today. Through various lineages of Reiki practitioners coming down through the last 80 years, today Reiki is becoming an accepted complementary healing technique. It is used in hospitals, private practices and health centers, as well as in conjunction with more medically-based treatments involved in healing.

Today one may find many Reiki practitioners in their own locales. In addition to receiving Reiki treatments, there are many more people who choose to study and be opened to the Reiki energy through what is called an attunement. These classes and attunements are available from Reiki master teachers.

Reiki Sessions, Classes And More

Reiki I, Reiki II, a Master Class, and a Master Teacher Program are now forming. Also, A Karuna Reiki class will be held the first weekend of April. Call 219-922-1437 to register a place in the class of your choice. Times and prices are available upon request.

I Know There’s More offers a complete range of Reiki experiences. These are conducted by Barbara Mayer, who is a Usui Reiki Master Teacher and a Karuna Reiki Master Teacher. For anyone wishing to receive Reiki from Barbara, private sessions are available, as well as small group Reiki sessions in a pleasant, meditative atmosphere. These are available upon request.

For those seeking Reiki instruction and attunement, the levels of Reiki I, Reiki II and the Reiki Master Level, as well as the Reiki Master Teacher level, are available. These may be in either private or group settings.

Reiki shares and Reiki Renewal evenings are also offered at I Know There’s More. These provide continuing practice as well as sharing and current updates on Reiki. Shares and Renewal evenings are available only to current Reiki practitioners.

Classes and attunements for Karuna® Reiki, which gives more specialized focus in channeling the Reiki Energy, are also offered. A prerequisite for Karuna® Reiki training is attunement to the Usui Reiki Master Level.