Love Poems Into
The Divine Heart

Maui Waterfall

Just as narrative and prose are the vehicles of communicating thought and information, poetry captures a special moment of understanding or fleeting insight. Poetry doesn’t even need to always make sense. Its value is in making magic and music of the soul.

As one for whom poetry has always been a kind of communication between myself and the great mysteries — be they reactions to life’s events or revelations which have come to me as a woman who stands in awe of so much — I do let poetry flow when it demands words to release that inner spark which suddenly needs to flame.

From time to time I will present here poems which may spark something new in you, as we both live our lives in the mystery. Most of these poems are addressed into the God Source, and they are indeed love poems from my heart into the Divine Heart Itself. If any of these thoughts can help awaken the magic in you, I am happy to share them. Just remember they are copyrighted and part of a future book. If you want to pass them on, please let me know.

Barbara Mayer


I feel a greatness in me now,
  bursting through the limits of this life.
I feel the soul inside me ready now at last,
  to reach with love so strong
  I cannot comprehend the source of all its power;
  I can only feel it is true
  and living deep inside me.
Life has washed me pure again —
  and back, all the way to a newness of living
  which can only burst like lightning
  for the rest of the world.

I feel a power in me —
  born of other lives and other dreams —
  when a love reached out in pain,
And I feel it, full and grown now
  as it is growing still —
  mature and tender
  as the strength has finally come.

I am wisdom beyond knowledge now,
  deep and dark,
  as the circle mellows into richness
  growing in the golden cup of years.
I am ready for the spilling,
  now that the filling has been
  so exquisitely done.

I am words and I am melody. I am silence, filled with awe.
I am tension, wound to peacefulness —
  and reaching, lifted high enough to finally hold my dream. 
I am ready for encounter now, full and sure there is 
  a purpose for me now,
And I believe the giving shall be beautiful
  as I live my gift of love.

Yes, I shall follow the sun
  and I shall flow with the sea.
Nothing, ever again, will hamper the journey
  I feel inside of me.

© 2005 Barbara Mayer

Maui wheat

The Pearl

Once, passed the edge of things remembered in the mist,
I slipped between two worlds I had never known before.
A golden door flung open
and I was in a rainbow of pearlescent hues.
Which danced themselves to silver —
  then to light beyond all colors I have seen.
Chantings from the universes hummed through tunnels
  made of silence and the sound of solitude —
  Where All the One became vibration,
  pulsing from the Birth Star
  of what is yet to be revealed.

All of it began to call to me
Through strings of cosmic filaments,
insisting my resistance fall,
  as all became the multitude,
  gathered into one, tiny seed of pearl.
All the worlds of evermore
  became a new gate of deeper knowing — sacred union
as that portal held no entrance and no exit
until all that is became that one single pearl —
And I loved the joy of simply being lost in it!

Our love began to glow to brilliant iridescence, 
And we met there in such exquisite shining
that there could no longer possibly be two —
  but only One.
And we spun ourselves like dervishes, 
  content to be the energy of manifesting suns
  and stars which signal through fields of ebony
  that all of Light is home,
Night became a tapestry of dark matter
  proving all creation’s radiance
  can meet within the essence of one simple pearl.
Our spiral reached a great embrace of what is only Now
  — where no space is filled with all —
Then focused to the singular reality
  of the One only truth, the Truth which always is,
  and never need become.

And it was us, my love! It is us!
The seed and the gem and the Essence contained
  in the beauty of one, simple pearl!
Ah, the joy of it, My God!
The simple, exquisite joy of it all!

© 2005 Barbara Mayer