What Is
A Modern
Mystery School?

While the term Mystery School may be a turn-off for some, and a lure for delving into delicious mysteries for others, I choose to use the term on this website because it fits.

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Since the early centuries in the Common Era, "Mystery School" has been used to identify a group of classes and investigations into various aspects of God, faith, personal growth and sharing of knowledge concerning spiritual matters.

The main goal of I Know There’s More is to aid and support people’s investigation of the choices they have while following a spiritual path. It is also hoped that in recognizing there are different ways each individual may reach into the divine mystery, the separation between us can disappear — since we are all approaching the same truth from different avenues.

As the role of spirituality and religious practice seem to be drawing more and more attention these days, many people have questions about their early religious training, beliefs which have fallen away, or new thinking by current social, religious, spiritual, and personal growth leaders. There seem to be a lot more questions than answers, and that is probably a good thing. Answers are meant to be accepted and digested. Questions leave a myriad of possibilities open, and in that openness of search for truth, many new insights and avenues stay available to us.

The many offerings presented by I Know There’s More can be grouped into what would be a loose selection of events and classes concerning spiritual growth and personal development. Falling directly under the Mystery School concept are each month’s Sunday Sessions. With topics such as "What is God?", "What About Jesus?", "Understanding Energy and Consciousness", "Can Religion and Spirituality Co-Exist?" and "How the Wisdom of the Ancients Is Affecting Us Today", it is clear that our goal will be to help people review, discuss and share their ideas about these key concerns. Once a month there is also a Mystery School Evening, where another topic related to spirituality will be presented and discussed.

The Sharing In Spirit evenings also often contain material on spiritual matters. These evenings’ topics rise from the group’s discussion, but certainly all in attendance are there for sharing and understanding their own possibilities. Sharing in Spirit is in fact sharing in each of our roles within the divine mystery.

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The on-going Meditation series — rich with instruction and ample time for group meditation, is also part of the Mystery School concept. These evenings afford the opportunity not only to share through speech and sound, but through beautiful silence and stillness as well. Meditation evenings are very special.

In all the activities surrounding Reiki, both the individual Reiki session, as well as Reiki classes, the person’s well-being on many levels is addressed. Reiki Renewal and Reiki Share evenings are always gatherings in spirit.