The Mystic Way

Don’t Just Do Something. Sit There!

If you’re like most people, you may find meditation not only difficult, but absolutely foreign to you. That’s because it is!

Most of us who have grown up in the Western World are ingrained in a culture which says, “Idleness is the devil’s workshop”. We carry in our genes the more left-brained energy which tells us we need to stay productive, to carry all the stress which comes from making ourselves known in the world, and succeeding in the ways society tells us are important.

Tree at Sunset in Maui.

Everything is important -- to a point. What is most important, however, is living at our highest potential in all facets of our lives, especially the ones which matter most. The biggest news flash here is that we are meant to be happy and know real joy. We are meant to move through our lives with ease, and with a peaceful grace which allows us time to enjoy a puppy’s wagging tail and a baby’s smile. We are also meant to absolutely luxuriate in the joy and fullness of being completely at home with our Source — or whatever you may choose to call God.

The surest and deepest way many of us choose to reach into — and stay within the ease of living our lives in peace, quiet knowing, and the experience of being spiritually human and humanly spiritual — is through a meditation practice. And the word “practice” is key here. No one asks you to become proficient at it. No one awards a degree or a fancy certificate in “Master of Meditation”, let alone “Doctor of Meditation”. We all just do it, and because we usually do it alone, most people aren’t aware that it is a daily practice of meditation which not only is the cause of our continuing supposed sanity — but of our joy and the depth of our relationship with our Source as well.

Many people find “holy” experiences in houses of worship. Certainly the great temple of nature and the myriad beauties of this great Mother Earth afford us many opportunities to be “sanct-uaries” — places of holiness — or wholeness as I tend to think of them. Yet all we really need to be in a holy place — or a place where we can feel like truly whole human beings, is enough space to simply sit and “be”. In such a place to simply “be”, it is very possible to begin understanding what we really “are”.

Meditation can relieve stress, provide creativity, bring us back into physical, emotional, mental and spiritual balance, and give us greater access to the wisdom we carry within us, yet it has no goals. In its essence, it simply allows us to be fully and wholly what we really are.

Sunset in Maui.

Another thing which keeps us from actively developing a meditation practice is that we look at it as something we need to do — like going to the dentist. We don’t consider it in a positive light, but merely as something we know might benefit us, even though it isn’t exactly pleasurable. Approaching meditation with that mindset almost insures failure, or at least our feeling that we “can’t do” it, or aren’t very “good” at it.

In reality, knowing there is a time or several times in our day when we can let go of everything and just “be” can become something we look forward to and even relish. It becomes not a matter of “finding” the time to do something “difficult”, but actually an oasis of time where we truly can luxuriate in our own true being, as well as our place within all of creation and its source.

At I Know There’s More, I offer an on-going series of meditation instruction and practice. Check out the Meditation Evenings on the “What’s Up” calendar of future dates. I am also available to conduct Meditation Evenings at private homes.

Consider meditation, contemplation, or whatever else you may call it a valuable tool to living at your most peaceful and highest potential! It’s a good thing!

Barbara Mayer