Special Events
Sunday Sessions

At I Know There’s More, Barbara offers a variety of special evenings, events, classes and services. These include:

Most of these events are open to all, however, Reiki Shares or Reiki Renewal evenings are available for Reiki practitioners.

Sedona, Arizona retreat

*“Sharing in Spirit” evenings are open events designed to accommodate discussion and support for anyone who wishes to advance on a spiritual path. The evening’s topic usually arises from the direction the group’s discussion takes. These are positive and non-judgmental evenings held to support and nurture everyone’s individual path into the Heart of the Divine Source. These are excellent opportunities to grow in the human experience and deepen our participation with the Source of Us All. Suggested donation: $10.

*Meditation Evenings focus on instruction and actual meditation. The goal is to develop each individual’s continuing practice of going within -- where dedicated and cultivated stillness offer greater perspective on living, as well as drawing deeper into the expansive possibilities which await us within and beyond the human ego mind. Suggested donation: $10.

*Mystery School Evenings are more instructional on some facet of the Divine Mystery -- and how one may achieve greater understanding toward drawing more deeply into That Mystery. Each evening has a single concept, and stands alone on itself. Therefore you may choose to attend a Mystery School Evening whenever you wish or your schedule allows. Suggested donation: $10.

*A prime event each month is the Sunday Session. From 2 - 4:30 pm on the designated Sunday, a class and sharing centers on one topic. “What Is God?”, “Can Religion and Spirituality Co-Exist?”, “What About Jesus?”, “How Rising Consciousness Affects Your Union With God”, and many others. Donation —$20; $25 when there are two presenters.

Rainbow Wood, Maui

* I Know There’s More also offers a full Reiki experience. Each month there will be either a Reiki Share evening, or a Reiki Renewal Evening. These evenings are open to Reiki practitioners only, and are designed to provide more experience, understanding and sharing within the Reiki Energy.

* A Reiki Share is a gathering of Reiki practitioners to both channel and receive Reiki from others in attendance. Tables are set up for full Reiki experience.

*A Reiki Renewal is a gathering of Reiki practitioners. In these Renewal evenings there may be discussion of some aspect of Reiki, a sharing of experiences, some possible instruction, Reiki chanting, and often chair Reiki. These are designed to keep Reiki practitioners "in touch" with Reiki and stay active and current in the Reiki Energy.

*Individual or small group Reiki sessions are, of course, also available to all on a private appointment basis. You may call or e-mail Barbara to set up your first experience of Reiki in a private session, or to continue your practice of receiving Reiki sessions.

* Handwriting Analysis is available on a personal or mail basis. Barbara also offers classes on graphology, the study of handwriting analysis. Contact her for further information.

Check our e-mail or the “What’s Up” section of this website for current topics, evenings and dates. Each evening session lasts from 7 - 9 pm. E-mail Barbara@IKnowTheresMore.com for directions to our Highland location.

Also, feel free to suggest topics for future Sunday Sessions or other I Know There’s More events.