The God Concept

Here is a page of words about something we cannot even adequately name, let alone understand!

Maui Surf

The word is Consciousness — which literally means being aware. What consciousness truly is, however, is now being considered by some of the brightest minds on the planet, and they still can’t define it! It is addressed by the genius minds behind the exquisite short film What the Bleep Do We Know?, by master physicists and spiritually advanced thinkers, and is one of the hottest topics behind any serious discussion of what is going on now on our planet and within the human species itself. It is also becoming central in the field of spirituality, as we consider what God really is — beyond the traditional old man in the sky who gets angry, sets boundaries, and rewards with bliss or punishes eternally with extreme torment.

What the consensus is centering on, however, is that consciousness is, in the words of the brilliant and holy David Hawkins:

“ ... the formless, invisible field of energy of infinite dimension and potentiality.”

Consciousness is not merely human consciousness — though that is the level in which we live and think and are. Consciousness is that field of energy independent of any time or space, yet it is all inclusive and present not only in all that is — but also in the potentiality of anything that might be in the realm beyond our human ability to know — now — in the limited box of this thing we call time.

The human brain naturally thinks in linear time — where there is a beginning, a middle, and an end. Our limited human existence leads us to think that way. What many now are realizing, however, is that limitation does not exist in the field of “energy of infinite dimension and potentiality”. That forces us to think in a new way — of nonlinear thought, or cyclical thought — or even beyond the limitations of human thought itself. And it is there we need to align our human mind with what might be considered the Divine Mind — Infinite Mind — which includes all that is — and all that is not.

Are you still with me?

The film What the Bleep ... asks “How far down the rabbit hole do you want to go?” In other words — how deep into the concept of greater awareness, and the awareness that there is more to be aware of — are you up for?

Sparkling waters

The point I want to make here is that the more in which you can immerse yourself — on your own personal level — in this great field of timeless and spaceless energy of Infinite Mind — the more the actual Prime Energy is becoming available to you! Whatever else you may wish to call it — it is the source and presence of all that is and all that potentially is — and one word you may choose to fit that description is "God".

I refer you here to the website page “Meditation and Mysticism”, but I’ll leave this section with the fact that all of us who say “I know there’s more ... ” are seeking more than mere knowledge of God. In truth, we yearn for direct experiencing of the God Energy within us. The Book of Isaiah contains the line, “Oh God, you have heard the cry of my heart, because it was you who cried out within my heart!” As the great teacher Jesus of Nazareth told us, “The kingdom of heaven is within you.”

There is no great luscious pie in the sky. There is no “out there” out there. There is only the One, Timeless, Spaceless Presence of Infinite Energy. It is Divine and inexplicable to our human minds, but it is present.

We don’t need to line the walls of our homes with books about love, but we know it when we are in its wonderful beauty. The same, my friends, is equally true about God. We just need to give ourselves the opportunity to realize it!

Barbara Mayer