I Know There's More

My life is only about one thing — providing whatever help I can for anyone who seeks greater empowerment in her or his own life, as well as greater union with the God Source — however any individual may consider the Divine Mystery.

Tree in Autumn, Ipswich, Mass.

With a background of thirteen years spent in a convent as a Roman Catholic nun, and years of study of world religions, meditation and spirituality, I offer a new perspective on religious affiliation — past or present — and new understanding of the God Presence not simply as an old man in the sky, but as that Divine Presence within each individual.

In finding our own authenticity, then honoring it, I believe it is possible to rise to newer levels of personal empowerment in all aspects of human existence. The highest level — the one which lies at our heart and our spirit — connects us to our Source — and that Divine Spark within us all.

It’s a great journey, and as I invite you to find your own path, it is my hope that, in our growing, we can all walk a while together.

If you are among the growing number of people who hear a small voice inside saying, “I know there’s more . . . ” the good news is that there IS more! Through your own personal growth on many levels, I offer myself to help you find your way into living at your highest potential — straight into the Heart of the God Source of Us All!

                                   Barbara Mayer

About Barbara

Barbara Mayer, Sensei

Barbara Mayer has been about three things most of her life, and now it all comes to its fullness. A journalism student and editor of the newspaper in high school, she also felt an early call to religious life. Upon graduation she entered a convent and spent thirteen years as a Roman Catholic nun in a teaching community. With degrees in Theology, Education, Journalism and Creative Writing, she pursued an intensive study of world religions and spirituality after she left the convent and continued her teaching career.

She has written extensively in magazines and newspapers, has served as a newspaper editor, and has authored several books. Meditation has been a life-long practice, and as a true teacher, Barbara still considers herself very much a student.

Those three main concepts — God, using words both in writing and speaking, and teaching — are still key in Barbara’s life. Now she offers herself to share and support others on their own spiritual paths.

Barbara says, “I’m showing up for God and for people’s highest potential.”

You may want to take her at her word.