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 Let me use this website to also lead  you to my specialized new website:

In addition to this web site, please check out my new second site which is dedicated to my newest book, Beyond Religion -- The Personal Search For Truth. In it you'll find eleven pages of excerpts from the book as well as a bio of me, reviews, some of my poetry which also appears in Beyond Religion, lots of photos, some which are in the book as well as pics of me at book signings. There are also some striking scenes from the beautiful red rock canyons of Sedona, Arizona, where I now live. This new web site also contains my blog as well as specialized pages which cover some of the book's key topics. These are:

The New Consciousness - Rising Feminine Energy

  The Case For Compassion - Growing Into God

On this site you'll also find my blog and more information about the book and the work I'm doing now in addition to Reiki and spiritual facilitation with small and large groups.

Beyond Religion is available online at and in your local book stores. Just ask for it and they'll order it for you. Just google Barbara Mayer Beyond Religion at Amazon and it will pop up for your perusal and order information.

Also, if you would like a signed copy with a personal message from me to you, contact me at and I will get the book personally signed to you. The cost plus shipping and handling is $23.

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...check out my new book, Beyond Religion -- The Personal Search For Truth.

Will you be in Sedona July 24th? I will be the keynote speaker at Magdala Day, a celebration of women's spirituality and empowerment of the Feminine Energy. E mail me at for more information.

Both individual and small group Reiki meetings are offered. Contact I Know There's More and leave a message.